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3 Top Meme Coins Set To Explode That Are Not Shiba Inu Or Dogecoin

2023-12-18 08:17 | Nézettség: 371
Everybody in crypto, and most of the world, has heard of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Although these meme coins have been essential in forming the memecoin economy, the biggest gains will come from newer coins.

Here are three very important meme coins to watch in 2023.


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Floki: Memes to Metaverse and Beyond


The cryptocurrency market has seen explosive growth in meme coins over the last couple years, enjoying social media hype and whimsical humor. But not everyone knows about Floki ($FLOKI). 


Born from an Elon Musk tweet where he named his dog Floki, the Shiba Inu dog-themed token emerged in June 2021. But Floki has rapidly built out a utility-focused ecosystem beyond just memes.


Floki now has a Layer-1 blockchain that integrates both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This powers an ever-expanding crypto platform known as “Valhalla” that includes:


- A play-to-earn 3D metaverse with customizable NFT avatars and gameplay rewards

- FlokiFi locker - an advanced DeFi protocol with staking, lending and $100M+ in TVL

- Floki University - an educational portal covering blockchain topics

- Floki Places - NFT marketplaces for digital/physical assets 

- Floki Cards - crypto debit cards usable for everyday purchases


A passionate community of over 470,000 “Floki Vikings” across social platforms evangelizes these products through viral media campaigns. 


So for traders interested in both the meme hype cycle and legitimate crypto use cases, Floki offers an intriguing crossover mix with its Vikings army leading the charge. Floki is up by 307% over the last year.



Not all memes are dog based - enter ORDI


Unlike many meme coins, Ordi ($ORDI) is linked to Bitcoin - specifically the Ordinals Protocol. While Bitcoin doesn’t allow NFTs natively, people found a way around this by inscribing an NFT on to a satoshi, the very smallest thing that you can divide a Bitcoin into. There are 100 million satoshis in every Bitcoin, just as there are 100 dimes in a dollar.


This protocol has revolutionized the crypto meme industry, allowing people to create NFTs that are truly and forever linked to Bitcoin. The Ordi token isn’t actually needed for the Ordinals protocol, and that’s why it is simply a meme coin. People aren’t buying Ordi because it has utility, but rather to celebrate and capitalize on the idea behind Ordinals. That said, Ordi does belong on the Bitcoin network and is a BRC-20 token.


Although it's just over a month old, the Ordi token is up by 210% already.


The meme coin of Meme Coins - Meme Moguls


Meme Moguls ($MGLS) is more like Floki than Ordi, in the sense that it offers, fun, education, DeFi aspects such as staking and liquidity providing in return for MGLS and NFTs, play-to-earn games, and an enthusiastic community. 


MGLS is in the very first stage of presale, meaning that all the gains are still to come. The meme coin powers the Meme Moguls ecosystem. One of the key points about the platform is that it is a place where people can learn about all the latest meme coins and do fantasy meme trading together or in tournaments.


In a way, Meme Moguls is like an ETF of memes, since it will capitalize on the popularity of the entire meme coin industry, rather than just one coin.


At a current market cap of around $5 million, Meme moguls has the potential to grow massively, and that’s why experts are forecasting an impressive 800% increase in the price.


For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale:

Website: https://mememoguls.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/meme_moguls


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