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Best Cryptos To Fill Your Christmas Stocking With

2023-12-20 07:55 | Nézettség: 248
December has always been an excellent month for markets as investors begin to feel optimistic about the coming year.


Cryptos are ready to explode in 2024, with the Spot ETF approvals taking place against the backdrop of rate cuts.

A looser monetary environment has always been rocket fuel for digital assets, and investors need to shop for their tokens now. Before the huge rally arrives! Here are the best cryptos to fill your Christmas stocking with.

Binance Coin (BNB): A New Age For Binance

Binance Coin (BNB) managed to stay above the $220 liquidation point throughout the entire bear market, and now that CZ has left, a new era has dawned on Binance. Binance Coin is the pseudo-equity token of the exchange, and the exchange’s performance heavily dictates how Binance Coin performs.

Under new leadership with a more regulatory-friendly approach, Binance Coin looks ready to rally once more and set new ATHs. The launch of its layer two chain and all the sticky liquidity on the original Binance Smart Chain make it an ideal location for new dApp deployments.

The cost-effectiveness of the chain also makes it a natural hub for degens during peak activity phases. Degens have to buy Binance Coin to use the chain, and with a massive bull run coming in 2024 and the return of the layer one trade expect plenty of incoming buy pressure for Binance Coin. 

Ripple (XRP): Return of the Dinosaurs

Ripple (XRP) has enjoyed a phenomenal year, and analysts expect it to get better in 2024, forecasting a potential high of $1.46 for the native Ripple token $XRP in Q3. Across the board, old layer ones like Cardano (ADA) and Avalanche (AVAX) are pumping, and Ripple is up next. It escaped all regulatory FUD in 2023, and a US judge even ruled in its favor in a landmark case.

It has the green light to expand operations, and the number of clients using Ripple’s ledger for cross-border payments has shot up astronomically this year. This is Ripple’s bread and butter. Using its ledger allows people to move value from one country to another in minutes.

Ripple is another great addition to any investor's portfolio. It has improving fundamentals, investors have the appetite for old layer ones, and both these factors make Ripple likely to outperform the market next year. 


Everlodge (ELDG) Airbnb Meets Web3

Everlodge is the one protocol investors do not want to miss. This on-chain property marketplace mints vacation homes, luxury villas, and hotels as NFTs and then fractionalizes them. This process allows anybody to invest in real estate and make passive income from asset appreciation. When the property price rises, so does the NFT.

The standout feature of Everlodge is the deep utility of the $ELDG token. It unlocks staking rewards- another passive income flow. Discounts on property purchases, allowing holders to become fractional property owners at the best possible rate. Free stays at Everlodge properties alongside entrance into giveaways.

But most importantly, it unlocks the launchpad. $ELDG token holders can contribute liquidity to developers funding new developments and become early-stage investors in new real estate deals. The best way to maximize ROI.

Everlodge is introducing liquidity and trading to a market worth $280 trillion, and experts have already forecasted a 30,000% rally at launch. Easily one of 2023’s best tokens, and Everlodge is set to shine next year. Participate in the presale today and get an early allocation before the market understands the value proposition!

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